Bending and Folding

Press Brake

The bending of materials is a procedure for forming a flat workpiece into a three dimensional usable component. It generally follows the cutting stage in the processing chain of operations and may be used to produce an infinite number of angles including the ability to create safety edges on various materials by using “hemming” or “Dutch folding” tooling.

The workpiece lies on a bottom tool or die, which has a v-shaped opening. A top tool or punch is forced downward pressing the workpiece into the required angle. Press brake operation is a highly skilled process, needing both the appropriate machinery and expertise.

At Aller Engineering we have Bystronic press brake technology capable of delivering a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. User friendly computerised numerical controls (CNC) extremely precise positional encoders and highly accurate back gauges allow us to easily manage the production of formed components.​

Tube Bending

Press bending is generally the most common bending process used on the cold forming of pipes and tubing. During this process, pressure is generated to force stock material pipe or tubing against a relevant sized die, thus forming the material to conform to the shape of the die. This process may be used to form complex shapes from varying types of ductile metal tubing.
At Aller Engineering we use a Baileigh advanced hydraulic tube bender with a large quantity of forming dies.

Other Bending Services

  • Hydraulic Tube Bender
  • Manual Hand Rolls
  • Power Rolls
  • NC Hydraulic

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